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    Increasing diabetes foot screening rate in Singapore

    by National Healthcare Group 05/05/2018 11:01 AM AEST

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      Describe the Problem Statement

      Currently, it is recommended that diabetes patient go for annual foot screening. It takes a lot of nursing manpower to screen all diabetes patients in Singapore if they come. Currently diabetes patients can go for foot screening in polyclinics, family medicine clinics and community health centres. With increasing number of diabetes patients, it is not sustainable to keep building foot screening facilities. There are also barriers to diabetes foot screening so there is a need for a low cost and easily accessible manner for diabetes patients to go for diabetes foot screening.

      Desired Tech Envisage


      If Other, please specify

      Desired solution

      • App to take photos of foot to assist in screening
      • Rules to classify foot into
        • Low risk (routine care)
        • Moderate risk (referral to nurse/podiatrist for further evaluation)
        • High risk (referral to hospitals for immediate treatment)

      Novelty of proposed solution

      Currently, app can take photos of wounds and this is being sent to healthcare providers to assess wound healing

      Expected benefits

      Improve Productivity, Cost savings, Reduce Manpower, Improve patient care

      If Other, please specify

      Target beneficiary

      Healthcare Professional , Patient

      If Other, please specify



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