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    Serious Games and Augmented Reality for Trauma Resuscitation

    by Singapore General Hospital 05/05/2018 11:01 AM AEST

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      Describe the Problem Statement

      Trauma resuscitation requires experience and systematic approach for the best outcome of the patient. Time is golden during trauma survival rate. However, there are many obstacles which nurses face in their course of work preventing them from upgrading their skills and knowledge. The Medical and Trauma Resuscitation Course (MTRC) is only a 4-day workshop for DEM nurses. The course is only carried out twice per year due to limitation by roster scheduling for trainers and trainees. Each batch, the trainers can only take in a limited number of participants for the best coaching outcome. Thus, the department is facing shortage of MTRC-trained staffs as we are moving to a new hospital compound in 2021, which is 9 times bigger than our current department. We are expected to have MTRC trained nurses working on the different levels of the new department and carry out resuscitation accordingly to the needs of patients. Hence, we need to have a solution which can address to the availability and consistency of the training. Furthermore, the course is run by different instructors who possessed different work experience and level of knowledge. Thus, the training for the nurses will not always be consistent. Another challenge includes the steep learning curve which the nurses are facing as the training may be done in a crash course fashion due to the short training time allocation. Nurses may not have the opportunity to practice once they have passed the course, as hands-on time may be limited due to the constant rotation of work assignment and the lack of exposure in the clinical setting. Case debriefs to review shortfalls during the medical and trauma resuscitation is also rare during mortality and morbidity round. This theory-practice gap would result in ineffective nursing care and leading to extended length of hospitalization, increased risk of infections, prolonged patient recovery, escalating healthcare costs, decreased productivity and work satisfaction of nurses as well as increased nurses’ attrition. Therefore, our team intends to propose an interactive learning platform for Trauma Resuscitation through serious games and augmented reality for nurses, to learn in a consistent manner at their own time and pace and with constructive feedback. In addition, data could be captured to aid in the profiling of the learners and to facilitate the assessment and evaluation of the nurses’ learning journey.

      Desired Tech Envisage

      AR / VR

      If Other, please specify

      Serious Games

      Desired solution

      To design an interactive learning platform for Trauma Resuscitation through serious games and augmented reality for nurses.

      Novelty of proposed solution

      Expected benefits

      Improve Productivity

      If Other, please specify

      Patient's safety, Learner centered, Consistent delivery of training, Contribute to life-saving

      Target beneficiary

      Healthcare Professional , Patient, Other

      If Other, please specify

      Organisation and Society


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